Friday, 9 September 2011

After all the hard work!!

I finally lost 2lbs!! i cant believe after all this time of gaining and tweaking ive found a process that works for my body, last week i ate half exercise cals gained.. ill double check that i think on some days i ate 25% but who cares im beginning to go down on the scales, as long as i stick to this process i should lose weight fine!

woohooo, if you would like to see my weight loss graph click the link on my weigh in's page x

I didnt get the interview for the medical secretary they said i did a fantastic interview but there had been an ex medical secretary they had also been interviewing, just my luck, im keeping my fingers crossed for the interview i had yesterday and the one im having today, i really do need to get one of these positions it would definitely round up a very happy week!!

zumba tonight, cant believe how still aching i am from running, it wasnt a good idea to try and do my old route and expect to get round it, but i tried.. Im going to take kye for a walk later down wyken croft too, but i dont class that as exercise so it never goes in my exercise diary :)

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  1. Hey, mind if I join you :-) Haven't been on WLR for a while but pop in now and again.
    Well done on finding your balance to loosing weight, always gets a big WHOOP-WHOOP from me.
    ps I'm a bit of a Zumba addict at the moment ;-)