Friday, 30 September 2011

back after gallbladder surgery

and i can honestly say i feel soooooooooooooooo much better, still very sore but otherwise no pain at all cant believe the difference and do you know whats an added bonus? ive lost 4.25lbs in 2 weeks!!! so happy!

i dont think i can go back to zumba for another 3 weeks yet however my husband has kindly bought be zumba for the ps3 which im dying to try out so ill have a go at that before going back to the classes

Sunday, 18 September 2011

havent posted in a while

had a real bummer of a friday last week, put 1lb on after all the hard work, paul at wlr says its just my body getting use to it but im not so sure.. so im going t eat only 25% of exercise calories earnt see what that does, i really hope i see a loss this week, this friday im going into hospital to have my gallbladder removed which should be fun!! an end to the pain and uncomfortableness ive had for over a year now

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

a little update

well i still havent heard from the interview i did last friday, i cant stand to wait ny longer, my recruitment manager has said she had 3 more to interview and wouldnt be done until later this week, so i have to hold on until the end of the week

my eating has been ok, im still trying to choose more healthily but its hard but am sticking to calories and being honest when entering my food diary. Im off to zumba tonight, i love it, think its such a good laugh and an easy hour of burning calories!

i need to start drinking more water and also eating more fruit i think, i think im going to set myself mini goals each week :)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

this weekend.....

well guys, this weekend has not been bad at all, i went to a wedding and had so,e of the buffet , i tried to count the calories in each pizza finger and guestimated most of it lol. today i went over calories but i wasn't that fussed as ive walked loads today round ryton pools with kye and my husband matt. He ( my hubby) walks so fast i thought i was power walking through most of it lol, i wish i had my heart rate monitor on just to see how many calories i really burned!!

hopefully this week i shall find out whether i have a job as secretary to the PA of customer services, if i was to get the job it would be a major step for me in money and in career. so fingers crossed!,

Friday, 9 September 2011

After all the hard work!!

I finally lost 2lbs!! i cant believe after all this time of gaining and tweaking ive found a process that works for my body, last week i ate half exercise cals gained.. ill double check that i think on some days i ate 25% but who cares im beginning to go down on the scales, as long as i stick to this process i should lose weight fine!

woohooo, if you would like to see my weight loss graph click the link on my weigh in's page x

I didnt get the interview for the medical secretary they said i did a fantastic interview but there had been an ex medical secretary they had also been interviewing, just my luck, im keeping my fingers crossed for the interview i had yesterday and the one im having today, i really do need to get one of these positions it would definitely round up a very happy week!!

zumba tonight, cant believe how still aching i am from running, it wasnt a good idea to try and do my old route and expect to get round it, but i tried.. Im going to take kye for a walk later down wyken croft too, but i dont class that as exercise so it never goes in my exercise diary :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Well ive just eaten my dinner, yes i know its late but its zumba night so i dont really get to sit down anytime before this!. I had jacket potato with salad and coleslaw, reduced fat! it was filling actually, i've saved calories for a treat, lemon meringue crushed with fat free yogurt and lemon curd! GORGEOUS!!
here is a picture of my yummy dessert!!!:

could be better!!!

Going to be completely honest, im struggling today, i havent gone over my calories, but my choices in food have not been the best. I also have been for an interview today at the hospital for a medical secretary, it was hard and ill know later today the outcome but i doubt i will get it just on the basis that there will be someone more experienced than me guaranteed.

Planning to go zumba tonight, im also going to look with my friend at maybe getting a membership out at the i need the flexibility to do more, swim, gym, classes etx but i cant get that membership unless i have a job

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Oh my good god!!!!!!

well i just thought i would put my experience of today on here straight away!!!!, i thought the better of the village today and decided to go running, back when i was much much slimmer i ran around a route which is about 2.5 miles with ease, woodland paradise it is lovely. So my brain thought yes why not, kye my pup would love it!!! well after stopping about a gilzillion times and burnt 658 calories in 40 minutes i feel battered, my legs feel like they have been repeatedly kicked!

saying that i feel better and do now realise how fit and healthy i was back then and its this ill aim to inspire to! making it around that route with minimal stopping!! lol

over and out xx

I swear I have a six pack underneath this fat lol!

Right last night i decided to shake things up a bit and go zumba and toning, Teresa my instructor really battered my abs legs and bum which feel great this morning, two hours of pure sweat earnt be 1404 calories!!!! that's' a work out, mind you after not losing for a few weeks i have agreed with the helpteam on WLR that i only eat 50%-25% exercise calories this week and see if that springs a loss. This morning i've woken up feeling a little achy but good, i had planned to go to the gym today and use my last day pass at the village, then for a swim! I haven't swam in absolute ages so this should be fun!!!
for anyone reading this i fully recommend Teresa doing any zumba classes, ive been to others and no one shakes her things much like T. here's her link to her facebook page :

Monday, 5 September 2011

hiya and welcome!

This is my first blog, im hoping by creating this it will help me keep on the straight and narrow with my weight loss journey, i have so many reasons why i want to lose the weight.

One of the main reasons is that i cannot fit into any of my clothes, as officially a size 16 i am wanting to lose at least 2 stone so i can fit into all my old clothes..